Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Buster's Ice Cream and Coffee Stop is possibly the most recognizable location in South Pasadena.  One of my first blog posts was about an early, for me, try at a plein air watercolor there, Plein Air Painting.  The group painted at the location in February and I posted that piece in Mission Station.  For this paint-out in April, a lot was going on at this busy intersection as always, well, for South Pasadena at least.  The walking man sculpture was wearing a festive necklace, photo below.  Two filmmakers were interviewing a couple of the artists for their One Day in Los Angeles project.  It was a perfect morning and there is a nice variety of subjects but I decided to try painting Buster's again.  This time a gouache.  A fun morning with the group!

5 x 7" Gouache

Frank was at Buster's with his well-known rat rod.  


  1. It's so fascinating to see how you've captured what YOU felt and how YOU saw this scene on that particular day. I think that we often don't take the time to really think about why we want to paint something... we snap a photo, take it home, then look at the photo later and decide it's never going to make a nice painting, so it sits with all the other reference photos. But when I take the time to really soak up a view as I'm standing right there... and maybe jot down a few notes about what it makes me feel... THEN I can interpret the photo into something special like you've done here. I think that's one of the many benefits of plein air painting, which I don't do enough of. Your work is making me want to get out there too. Beautiful painting Sherry!

    1. Hi Katherine, I love your thoughts. Plein air painting has certainly "got" me and feels like something I've always wanted to do. I spend a lot of time at the locations walking around looking for that "This is it" view! Thanks!

  2. Your colors are so rich and vibrant. I remember your earlier Buster's painting. What an amazing journey you have been on, Sherry.

  3. This may be my very favorite, Sherry - you're work is just fantastic!

  4. This little painting has it all! Your dedication has paid off and you are a pro at plein air painting