Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Winter Light

There was a big, well-attended flea market and paint-out at the Old Mill recently.  It was put on by the California Art Club so the flea market had an emphasis on art related items.  It was very busy and fun to see some old friends there.  Some of my Saturday paint-out friends were sketching in the quiet Pomegranate Patio area. so I joined them there.  I really loved the winter light streaming through the bare pomegranate trees.  Years ago I painted from the same spot in the fall, Fall At The Old Mill, when the trees weren't quite as bare.  I tried some pen first and then added watercolor.  A fun day!

7" x 5" Pen and Watercolor

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Hillside Sketch

I've enjoyed trying more pen sketching at some paint-outs.  The Southwest Museum was a recent location which I always enjoy.  There are vast views from both sides of the hilltop parking lot.  On my previous visit I painted a watercolor, Two Hillsides.  On this recent visit, I tried the west side view of homes on the opposite hillside.  It was another pretty day there, and many more views to paint.

7" x 5" Pen and Watercolor

Friday, February 7, 2020

The Club House

We were at the casting pond in the Lower Arroyo area in Pasadena for a recent paint-out.  I've painted the casting pond several times.  On my first visit six years ago, the Pasadena Casting Club club house was open so I got view inside, The Casting Pond.  For this recent paint-out the group was together in one area so I decided to paint there as well.  I had a view of the east side of the club house and some old Sycamore trees.  The view of the hillside next to the casting pond was also tempting since it had such nice light in the morning.  I might try that view next time.

8" x 10" Watercolor