Sunday, June 22, 2014

Something New!

Yes, something new and different for me!  I'm usually posting plein air pieces done in my Southern California area but recently I had a request for something special.  A new friend wanted me to paint a watercolor for her husband's birthday.  As an avid golfer, the subject was the Master's Clubhouse at the  Augusta (Georgia) National Golf Club.  When I researched the clubhouse online, I was happy to see an elegant building that would make a nice watercolor.  There is a flag pole, and large lawn in front with a big map of the United States planted in flowers, a flag planted at Augusta.  I really liked the striped awning too.  For me this was an exciting project to be painted on a full size sheet of watercolor paper, 22 x 30".  Lately, I've been painting 8 x 10" watercolors when I go out with the plein air groups.  But I was really looking forward to painting this clubhouse piece and I took my time, painting in stages which were allowed to dry.  It was fun and I think it turned out great!    

22 x 30" Watercolor


  1. This truly is a masterpiece! What a superb painting. Well done

  2. Fantastic! You captured the essence and the feeling of the place.

  3. Definitely a departure for you, Sherry, and LOOK HOW GOOD THIS IS!!!! I'm impressed too that it's full sheet. This came out fantastic. Your friend's husband should be very happy. Congratulations on an A+ painting.

    1. Thank you so much Terry, I really appreciate it.