Friday, August 16, 2013


The Caltech (California Institute of Technology) campus in Pasadena is really a gorgeous spot.  Over the years I've walked through, taken photos, and was always struck by its beauty.  The master plan for the campus was laid out in 1917 and several buildings were designed then to fit in with earlier structures, and with Southern California.  There are several surprising decorative accents of bright California tile used here and there on the buildings.  The many tall eucalyptus trees really add to the charming atmosphere there.  

I was thrilled when the Saturday paint-out group had Caltech on the schedule.  Since it was a Saturday in July, I'm sure there were more joggers and dog walkers than students.  I spent quite awhile walking around checking various locations I had enjoyed seeing on previous visits, the turtle pond, etc. looking for possible painting views.  

I finally settled on trying a gouache piece of Dabney Hall, one of the 1917 buildings, which struck me as soon as I saw it with its pink walls and accents of turquoise tile squares which looked like confetti.  Wow, it was stunning in the morning light.  And while I was painting that view, I could look to my right and paint the dramatic Hall of Administration in watercolor.  The changing light on the building and the eucalyptus trees with their white trunks proved to be challenging.  It's plein air painting, always a bit of a challenge.  Such a fun paint-out location.           

8 x 10" Watercolor

5 x 7" Gouache

Albert Einstein riding a bike at Caltech.


  1. Another interesting location Sherry, two nice paintings and if I had to choose I would probably say the gouache as you have captured the colorful walls so well

    1. Thanks Lorraine! I like the gouache too. It turned out so pretty!

  2. You captured it, Sherry! I'm actually partial to the watercolor. Both beautiful.