Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Green Too

The online Going Green workshop that Vinita Pappas taught is ending.  She gave instructions for our final projects.  These paintings were our choice and Vinita gave us some excellent and fun tips to help us think about what we would like to paint.  I had several of my own photos of landscapes I wanted to try, using some of the new greens from our previous week's work.  Vinita also wanted us to start with a value painting done in neutrals, mixed neutrals, not out-of-the-tube grays.

The view I painted is the park at Point Fermin which is around the lighthouse area in San Pedro.  Always beautiful light there I think.  So here is my painting, my photo and my preliminary value painting.


  1. Wonderful light indeed and you done such a great job with it to your paintings!
    Warm regards.

    1. Thank you Konstantina! This was fun to try. :-)

  2. So professional and so you Sherry, congratulations on a great result

  3. You caught the beautiful light, Sherry, and the shadows/values really give a great sense of depth.

  4. Fabulous light and shadows Sherry I love your style