Thursday, August 23, 2012

Farmer's Markets

Do you love farmer's markets?  I do, and we just returned from the Thursday South Pasadena market.  I get overwhelmed with all the wonderful produce choices.  I also love to take photos of all the colorful activity and unusual views.  I've painted two watercolors of farmer's markets that I'll share today.  I'm also posting a few favorite market photos that might inspire future paintings.

This piece was painted in the first watercolor workshop I took.  It was October 2011 and fabulous watercolor artist Andy Evansen was the instructor.  I would love to take another class from Andy now that I've had more practice.  This is the South Pasadena farmer's market.  Following the painting is a snapshot I took today at the same market.

I painted this watercolor in April for a challenge in a Facebook group I'm in.  The challenge theme was "edible".  My photo reference for this was taken at the Santa Barbara market in 1997.  So I never know when the opportunity to use a photo might come up!  This painting was certainly a challenge with the veggies, people, and perspective.  Below it is a photo from the same market that I took a few weeks ago.  I wish I could go to that spectacular market every week but it's 100 miles away.  Lastly is a photo from the Alhambra farmer's market that I AM able to go to every week!   



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    1. Thanks Lorraine! They're fun, both pantings and photos!

  2. As always Sherry, gorgeous paintings!!
    Warm regards.

    1. Hi Konstantina - I always appreciate your comments!

  3. Wow Sherry! Love your painting style... so fresh and expressive and with great use of color.