Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Playhouse Plaza

We had an overcast day for our paint-out last Saturday.  The San Gabriel Mission Playhouse was on the schedule.  I posted about the last two times I painted there in Playhouse Festivities.  That previous visit was also a drizzly day and I painted a gouache piece of the fountain.  On this visit, to stay out of the sprinkles we all sat under an arcade area with a view of the plaza and front of the playhouse.  The fountain is surrounded by a pretty, tiled planter with roses and other flowers.  With this gouache piece I tried to have the planter and flowers as a foreground for the trees and neighboring buildings.  I've signed up for a gouache workshop this coming weekend so it will be exciting to see a different way of working with this medium.

5" x 7" Gouache



  1. How imaginative you've been with this latest painting!How fun that you are taking a gouache workshop - can't wait to see the results!

    1. Thanks Joani! The workshop should be fun and interesting.

  2. masterful mixes of green - they makes the flowers glow. I love your technique.