Thursday, June 9, 2016

Marsh Park

I'm titling this post Marsh Park but it's really about the Los Angeles River, the LA River.  There is a paint-out group that meets at various locations along the LA River on Tuesdays.  I've only been to a few Tuesday paint-outs but I really enjoy painting there when I've been able to join.  Always very relaxing.  This gouache was a piece I painted with the group about a year ago, View Across the River.

I've been wanting to visit the river at Marsh Park.  It's a very newly developed park and is really beautifully done.  It's a very nice access point to the river and bike path.  Many of the small park river access points feature beautifully handmade, custom gates by local artists.  The Marsh Park gate is by Brett Goldstone and is spectacular.  I might try painting it next time but it was the river view to the freeway this time.

8" x 10" Watercolor

Just part of the gate.


  1. Always love having those telephone lines - great job!

    1. Thanks Joani, I love the utility poles, lines, towers and all too. Might be gone some day.