Saturday, April 23, 2016


I did a recent post about the azaleas blooming at the museum.  Today is a watercolor about the roses at Lacy Park.  With the park in San Marino on the paint-out schedule for April, I was planning to paint some roses in the arbor area where there are hundreds of rose bushes.  I was looking forward to trying maybe a closer look at some flowers.  On my visit last year, I painted the arbor structure from a distance, Park Roses.  Much to our surprise, the rose garden was completely off limits to visitors, barricades blocked the entrances.  We heard that a they are rebuilding the arbor supports which are badly deteriorated from age, weather, and termites.  Outside of the arbor,  I found some shade on one side with a view of some roses so I was happy.

8" x 10" Watercolor



  1. This is so nice, Sherry. I hope I get better at plein air. I'm taking my first workshop on it next month and have a great desire to paint out, but not good yet.