Sunday, April 17, 2016

Goodbye Buster's

Yes, this is Buster's final week before changing owners.  Buster's Coffee Stop has been a local favorite in South Pasadena for thirty years.  This city landmark is located at one of our main intersections, near the light rail Mission Station.  Over twenty years ago, our daughter Christa designed Buster's well known smiling coffee cup logo.

Buster's and the picturesque surrounding area is a favorite for plein air painters.  So many artists have painted Buster's over the years that I've always thought the shop should have a show of the paintings.  There would be hundreds.  I've painted there quite a few times in the years I've been going on paint-outs with the local groups.  This was a gouache piece from a few years ago, Buster's.  In January the group was there and I included Buster's in my gouache piece that day.  We'll all miss Buster's.

5" x 7" Gouache

The smiling coffee cup by Christa Schmidt


  1. You're right. Hopefully there are good times ahead for the former Busters.

  2. Oh, bummer - love Buster's! You did a beautiful job, Sherry!