Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Lacy Park Roses

I've painted at Lacy Park in San Marino quite a few times now, and one of the groups was there again last month.  I see the last plein air piece I painted at the park was over a year ago, Lacy Park Saturday.  That day the roses weren't blooming yet from their winter pruning so I was planning to try a view of the extensive rose garden I knew would be in bloom.  

There is a pretty rose arbor and I considered a view from there but decided to sit under a tree and paint looking toward the arbor.  It's lucky I wasn't closer since it turned out to be the day the gardeners were doing a lot of leaf blowing around the arbor.  Next to me was a large bed of pink and white roses beside one of the walks.  In the morning the park is very busy with various classes and many people walking with and without dogs.  A YMCA summer youth group was there when we were and it was "Wheel Day".  I wish I had my camera out when a swarm of scooters and bikes whizzed by.    

8" x 10" Watercolor



  1. You captured it perfectly, Sherry. I can't believe your gouache was from a year ago!!

  2. You add the figures in just the right places for interest Sherry. I would have difficulty concentration with leaf blowers making a din.

    1. Thanks Lorraine, I was so glad I wasn't too near the leaf blowers.