Sunday, April 20, 2014

Lacy Park Saturday

The Saturday plein air group painted at Lacy Park in San Marino recently.  I didn't realize but it's been a year since I painted my watercolor Park Crows there.  My recent paint-out at the park was my fourth time painting there and it's always lovely with a nice variety of trees.  The park has an extensive rose garden and beautiful arbor area that I would like to try to paint sometime when the roses are blooming.  But, the roses were still looking very pruned for our paint-out that day.  

The park was busy Saturday morning with dog walkers, soccer games, a dog training class, and kids learning to ride their bikes (the perfect place for that).  I had a hard time deciding on a view to paint this time.  I ended up just taking a seat on a bench by the entrance and doing a quick-ish gouache piece of the main walkway.  Had to include some dog walkers!

5 x 7" Gouache


  1. Your paintings are always even nicer than the photos you include, Sherry. This looks like such a neat place.

    1. Thanks Terry, sometimes I wonder why I include the photos...showing my perspective is off, etc. :-)