Sunday, January 18, 2015

At Arlington Garden

Arlington Garden in Pasadena is always a wonderful place to visit.  The Saturday paint-out group was there recently to check it out in January.  Since my last visit, a lot of work had been done on the flower beds and pathways.  The area where the red poppies bloom in the spring had some poppy leaves popping up.  Two of my paintings of the red poppies were in The Red Poppies!  Of course all the plein air groups are looking forward to spring at Arlington Garden this year.  

I thought the winter light at the garden was beautiful.  There was a spectacular view of some backlit trees with their fall leaves but I couldn't find a good spot to paint them from.  I settled on a walkway with a view across the street with some aloes in bloom at the entrance.  Aloes are native to southern Africa so they bloom in our winter time.  They were a nice pop of color for January. 

8 x 10" Watercolor



  1. Pop of colour just right for your scene Sherry. I like the building with your treatment of the shadows too

  2. Always love those purple shadows and enjoy your figures!

  3. Your version of the house is so much more sophisticated then mine... not to mention how perfect that palm tree came out (the one in the middle). I liked painting there. Went back a few days later to walk the stone labyrinth.

    1. Thanks Liz, it's always lovely there it seems.