Monday, November 25, 2013

Peck Road Park Revisited

Peck Road Park is such a calm and lovely place to paint that I was excited to have it as a paint-out location again.  I was just there in October with another group and wrote about my visit, and two paintings in Peck Road Park.  As I mentioned in my last post, there was a lot of construction going on which is continuing.  They are making some nice boulder-lined paths and adding some plants.   The park seems to be a work in progress. 

It's the beautiful lake and mountain views at Peck Road Park that are irresistible to paint.  Both times I've visited, the mountains have been overcast by a cloudy, gray sky which changes constantly.  It's fantastic to watch the reflections in the lake water transform with the changing clouds and sky, which makes it a challenge to paint.  We just have to start with what reflections we see and try to remember how they looked.  Of course there are many birds to watch as well. 

I thought I would just paint a watercolor but then couldn't resist trying to squeeze in a smaller gouache of the same view in the time I had.  I painted from a different part of the park from my last visit and realized there isn't much color there, except for some magenta bougainvillea on a far embankment.  Since I missed adding a visiting egret, I added three mud hens (coots) in each piece.  I'm looking forward to our next visit.

8 x 10" watercolor

5 x 7" gouache


  1. Two nice paintings, love how you can go between the two media at the same visit

    1. Thank You Lorraine! After almost a year of adding a gouache painting, I'm getting more used to switching between the two media. It was confusing at first for sure.

  2. Love that watercolor!