Thursday, September 8, 2016

Local Monastery

We returned to Mater Dolorosa Monastery in Sierra Madre last week for the paint-out.  It's been a retreat location since 1926.  It's wonderful that they don't mind visiting plein air artists.  This was my third visit.  I painted a watercolor Painting at the Monastery last time.  The herd of deer that we saw then was there again and didn't mind photos.  Neat to see them.  I've probably been avoiding painting the main building so I gave it a try in gouache.  I sat down a slope from the main building and just had view of it peeking through the trees above me.  It's always a peaceful setting for painting, a quiet retreat.

7" x 5" Gouache


  1. Really nice Sherry, the glowing turquoise really makes it

    1. Thank you Lorraine. The turquoise is what drew me in.

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    1. Thank you Linda! So nice of you to take the time to comment.

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    1. Hi Joani, Thank you...I really appreciate it.