Friday, September 23, 2016

Liz's Patio!

I was really looking forward to the Saturday paint-out at Liz's house.  Liz is an artist in many media and I know from her Pasadena Adjacent blog that she has eclectic tastes and likes funky flea market finds...just my style as well.  I knew she would have a great garden and I wasn't disappointed.  From Liz's patio there is also a nice view to the next hillside.  What to paint!  I thought about titling this post "Goldfinches!" because of Liz's feeder and the many visitors she had.  Such fun to watch while painting.  I tried a small gouache piece and had to leave out so much of my view.  I only had room for one birdhouse instead of two, only one decorative blue bottle instead of many.  I did add three little goldfinches.  Thanks Liz!

7" x 5" Gouache


  1. You chose perfectly in what to paint and what to leave out. Love the light and your beautiful shadows Sherry

  2. I think it was wise to go back and put in that birdhouse fellow funk lover! lol. Was happy to host our little watercolor gathering.