Sunday, March 13, 2016

Night Scene!

Those of us in one of the paint-out groups planned to try painting a night scene.  It would be a new experience for me!  There was a piece of equipment I of those headlamps to wear on my head.  Got that.  I was undecided about whether to try a watercolor using some liquid masking fluid to save the white lights, or a gouache piece where I could use white paint for the lights.  I have a few brands of masking fluid but ran out of time to experiment with them enough before trying to use them at the site.  So it would be a gouache piece.

We met in Monrovia on Myrtle Avenue before dark.  There is a theater with a bright marque near the intersection where we were.  I thought it would be a nice center of interest.  It was good we were there before dark so I could get some paint roughed in.  The street lights started coming on about 6 PM which was nice to see.  It quickly started getting darker.  And darker.  Where some dusky sky was showing earlier, it became blackness.  Roof lines disappeared.  I definitely needed my new headlamp to be able to see the paints.  It was a challenging paint-out and I would like to try a night scene again sometime.    

5" x 7"  Gouache

After the lights came on

Before the lights came on


  1. What a great night painting. It is soooo hard to do

    1. Thanks Polly. Knew it would be hard! :-)

  2. I love the soft glow you got. I want to try painting at night!

  3. What a fabulous job you did. More so because it was your first nocturne.
    I enjoyed reading every word of this post and it almost made me want to go out and try a night painting myself. ALMOST!!!

  4. Wow! Really great job, Sherry. Hard to believe this was the first time you did a night scene.