Thursday, December 3, 2015


A few weeks ago the paint-out group met at the Bilike Mansion up a hill in South Pasadena.  It's not occupied as a home any longer and the property is shared with a church.  It was busy that morning with Boy Scouts and other groups.  I was there a couple years ago to paint and that piece was unsuccessful.  I didn't finish it.  As I walked around the mansion looking for something pleasing to try again, the view of the neighborhood rooftops off of the hillside caught my eye.  There was a tree providing some shade so I gave it a try.  I haven't painted too many rooftop views and find it a challenge.  

8" x 10" Watercolor

Bilike Mansion


  1. I love rooftops as a subject - you've captured them well, Sherry!

  2. Yes, and truly a difficult subject that you handled quite well, Sherry.

    1. Thanks Terry! I'm sure rooftops will come up again.