Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The Dome

I was happy to see Caltech (The California Institute of Technology since 1920) on the paint-out schedule.  At our Saturday morning paint-out two years ago I painted a watercolor and a gouache piece, and posted them in Caltech!  It was ambitious to paint the two pieces in a few hours, which I used to try regularly.  I haven't done that recently.  We were back at Caltech not too long ago but my attempt at a watercolor was not so good.  I think maybe cropping it down to 5x7" will improve it!

The architecture at Caltech is stunning.  Very picturesque for plein air painters and we don't seem to have a problem being there on Saturday.  One of my painting friends mentioned a building east of where we parked that had a blue-tiled dome.  I knew about the two striking blue-tiled domes at the west entrance but not this one.  I had to go check it out.  While walking there I passed an old deco building with a lovely courtyard and tiled fountains.  Such a nice place to paint.  I had to try painting the dome building.  It was surrounded by tall pines while across the street where I sat to paint, there was a beautiful "water-wise" patio area with Palo Verde trees, tables and chairs.  It was fun to find out about a new-to-me area.  And the art deco domed building at the edge of the campus is now the Electric Charging Station.     

10" x 8" Watercolor


  1. That is so cool. I wonder what it was before the charging station.

    1. Such a neat building...and what was it...?

  2. What a beauty, Sherry. You even have a great 'z' pattern going. Love how your COI stands out.

  3. I've always struggled to get that pinkish concrete color. You nailed it. And I know the building. Just recently discovered it myself. Your painting of it is wonderful.