Monday, September 21, 2015

Overcast Hillside

Last month we had a few overcast days which is unusual for August in Southern California.  On the Friday paint-out schedule was Art Center College of Design.  The art school is located on a hill in Pasadena and we hoped for some views of the mountains and the city below.  It was registration time so classes weren't in session and we met at the end of the parking lot.  Since it was a dreary day we didn't have much of a view and the hillside was very overgrown which also blocked the view.  I tried a watercolor of the curving road down the back hillside with lots of trees and foliage.  No structures this time so it was fun to try to make this view interesting.  

10" x 8" Watercolor

I usually see deer on the drive up to the campus.



  1. Gosh, it's beautiful, and much more interesting than the real thing in the photograph!

    1. Thanks Terry! My photo looks especially dreary.

  2. Yes, you brought so much color and dimension to this scene. Beautiful work, Sherry!