Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Pocket Park

Our city is adding two new pocket parks.  What nice way to use small vacant lots.  Community meetings are still being held so that neighbors can participate in the planning of the parks.  We also had a paint-out a few weeks ago at one of the parks on a Saturday when a community meeting was scheduled.  

It was a very overcast morning and we painters arrived a couple hours before the meeting was to begin.  I wondered how many people would be attending the meeting, how much interest.  I hoped to have my painting well under way by the time people would start arriving.  There were some chickens living at a home next door to the planned park.  I wanted to add them to my watercolor even though they weren't in the backyard I chose to paint.  It turned out to be a very well attended community meeting with many neighbors offering their ideas.  Wonderful to see this addition to our neighborhood.

10" x 8" Watercolor

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