Friday, February 9, 2018

Sierra Madre Villa

I'm late with my blog posts for February and very late with this watercolor I painted in November.  We returned to the Villa Del Sol D'Oro, the 1928 Wallace Neff designed villa in Sierra Madre.  Now Alverno, a private high school, it's a special place to have the opportunity to visit and paint.  This is my previous piece painted there of the west side, The Villa Revisited.  For my recent visit I had decided to try the north side of the villa.  After finishing, I noticed the east side might be fun to try next time.

8" x 10" Watercolor

Villa's east side

Villa's south side

Preparing for a Villa wedding...A chandelier hung in a tree 


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    1. Thanks Joani...some things I'd like to change here though....

  2. Your painting is beautiful. Thanks for taking me that day.

    1. Thanks!...I'm happy you could finally join the group!