Saturday, January 20, 2018


Twohey's, a landmark coffee shop in my neighborhood is closing January 31.  It's been a local favorite for 75 years.  "The Home of Little Stinko" opened in 1943 and featured car hop service.  It was a very special place to go when I was a little kid.  It's been remodeled several times over the years.  No more car service of course.  And now they will be reopening in another location...soon we hope.

Besides the onion rings and hot fudge sundaes, the distinctive neon sign of Little Stinko (with a clothespin on his nose) has contributed to its popularity.  On our recent Saturday paint-out at Twohey's I wanted to include the sign.  I sat by a traffic-signal box across the street where I had a nice view of Twohey's and the mountains.  

I'm surprised to note that this is my 500th blog post!

7" x 5" Watercolor

My painting friend Pete Morris waiting to cross the street.


  1. Wow - great painting. The light is wonderful.
    Thats a lot of years. I am happy to hear they are opening up in a new spot and not closing completely

    1. Thank you nice of you to visit and comment.