Saturday, November 21, 2015


Our Friday paint-out group was at our local Arboretum yesterday.  One of the artists had been there with another group and said the Australian Garden was especially beautiful now.  So we changed the scheduled location to check out the Australian section.  

On my previous Arboretum visit I painted a Quick Gouache.  After looking around for awhile at the wonderful collection of Australian trees and bushes I decided to try another quick gouache piece.  It seems I've been painting more watercolors lately so I felt a little rusty with the gouache.  Unfortunately I liked the backlit eucalyptus trees to the west.  The sun kept getting lower so I must have moved out of the sun at least five times.  That's how plein air painting goes sometimes.  There were ants too!  I like the way this piece turned out and really enjoyed a calm day among the trees, away from world news.

5" 7" Gouache