Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Ready Mix

Last week a paint-out group met at Pasadena Lumber, owned by one of the painters.  I was really looking forward to this different painting location.  The lumber and milling business has been there since 1903 and there were some neat old buildings on the property.  I spotted Robertson's Ready Mix next door and couldn't resist trying my version through the fence.  I love industrial subjects for some reason so I was happy for this opportunity.  The red cement trucks kept arriving to fill up and one was fun to add.  The group is looking forward to next time, and I'm glad to know about the services offered at Pasadena Lumber.

8 x 10" Watercolor

Shot through the fence


  1. Love this Sherry. You made it look wonderful.

  2. a subject I would never consider to paint. You did a great job, Sherry!

    1. Thanks Terry...not sure why I like this type of subject.