Saturday, February 7, 2015

Farnsworth Park

Farnsworth in Altadena, what a beautiful park!  I painted there a few weeks ago with one of the plein air groups.  I hadn't heard of Farnsworth which is a stunning location in the foothills.  The property was purchased by Los Angeles County in 1921 and became a park in the 1930's.  The centerpiece is an impressive two-story arts and crafts, American craftsman style stone building completed by the WPA in 1934.  The day started off a bit dreary but some sun finally came out.  I always like to use the light and shadows in my watercolor. 

8 x 10" Watercolor


  1. Interesting building Sherry, love the addition of the figure and the birds

  2. This is where the San Gabriel bloggers used to meet up -- back when we were more active. Also where Mr V nearly got us killed when he broke up a girl on girl gang fight!

    You took on quite a bit with the stone work. And such a good job. I would have tried to paint every single one of them. Maybe we'll take this on some future Saturday

    1. Thanks Liz...I was wary about trying that many stones.

  3. I think you really got the character of that cool old building. Well done.

  4. Light and shadow - you do them both so well! I especially love how the indistinctness under the tree helps to highlight your figure, and my fascination with the scene.