Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Archway

Our Saturday paint-out group met at Sycamore Grove Park a couple weeks ago.  I've driven by the park many times but never visited.  It's one of the oldest parks in Los Angeles, officially since 1905.  The park is 15 acres and home to many Sycamore trees of course.  I have a hard time painting Sycamore trees in watercolor which means maybe I should practice those more often.  But, looking across Figueroa from the trees, there was the very colorful and historic Glen-Mary Archway.  It grabbed my attention and I kept going back to it.  I loved the hillside above the archway as well.  The archway was the trolley stop for the Pacific Electric Railway when tracks ran up Figueroa from Los Angeles to Pasadena.  In 2010 a mural was painted at the now enhanced bus stop.  I painted a gouache piece so I could convey the feeling of the colorful mural.  A woman watching me for awhile pointed out that I left out the trash can.  Artist's license...

5 x 7" Gouache

Before the mural was painted in 2010.

We thought this looked like the old snack bar.  


  1. Wonderful Sherry. I love how you handled the lady who pointed our your "mistake" in her opinion and you left out the trash can. I guess she didn't see the pole and lights. Oops! I love artistic license..........

  2. What a colourful arch and fabulous in your painting, so correct about leaving the bin out LOL

  3. Brilliant colors, Sherry. Hail, hail, artistic license!

  4. I appreciate how careful you are about selecting the sweet spot. Your gauche came out really well - and the small figure you've placed in the scene works. Glad you left out the light post, trash can and graffiti.