Tuesday, November 4, 2014


On a recent Thursday the paint-out group met in Sierra Madre at Kersting Court.  It's a small triangular park at the center of the quaint city.  We had a large turnout of painters and shade to paint under was at a premium, mostly under two pepper trees.  Two years ago a huge 125 year old pepper tree was cut down due to old age and disease.  It would have been great to sit under and paint a view to the north, up the main street.  Running out of time to choose a view and get a painting done, I decided on Happy's liquor store across the street to the south.  I liked the light and colors, and the building was old and charming, with bright accents.  Finally someone sat on the park bench in front, the perfect figure to add.  

I'm substitute teaching for a friend at an adult education watercolor class this evening.  Since I haven't done any teaching before, I'm a little nervous.  Taking in some paintings to look at, and I may report back on this...    

5 x 7" Gouache

The ubiquitous movie trucks as I walked to the park. 


  1. I hope your class went well. I love the name 'Happy' for a liquor store. Maybe the proprietor would do a trade? Your gauche for a bottle of Saphire gin?

  2. Beautiful, Sherry. Reminds me of one of Vinita's corner scenes.

    Good luck subbing - I know you'll do great.