Sunday, February 21, 2016

Gamble House Watercolor

The Los Angeles area seems to be having summer weather in February.  But last month, it was cold and winter-y...for Southern California.  Our paint-out at the 1908 Arts and Crafts masterpiece Gamble House in Pasadena was on a very dreary day.    

Overcast day or not, it's always a treat to be at the Greene and Greene designed Gamble House.  It has a special mood and character.  On my previous paint-out there I tried a gouache piece of the distinctive lantern on the rear patio, The Gamble House Lantern.  With its many spectacular porches and dark stain, I find the house difficult to paint in watercolor.  I had in mind to keep it simple, more of a silhouette, and try another watercolor.  I'll be painting there again soon and looking forward to seeing what view I can find!   

8" x 10" Watercolor

My fellow painters...view from the patio.


  1. A great take on the photo - like the purple!

    1. Thanks Joani...looks more "purple" online I think.

  2. You captured the site beautifully, Sherry. You've made a dreary day look plain wonderful. What a neat place.