Thursday, February 11, 2016

Central Park View

I've painted at Pasadena's Central Park quite a few times with the various plein air groups.  But I haven't painted the park before.  The impressive and memorable view to paint is actually north across the street...the landmark Castle Green Hotel.  I've tried painting the hotel on four previous paint-outs, my most recent almost two years ago, The Green Hotel.  On my previous paint-out at the park I did a gouache piece of an 1880s building across the street, Central Park.  This time I decided to try a watercolor of the large park through the dark trees. The light on the ground contrasted so beautifully with the dark evergreens. There is a lawn bowling court at the other end of the park that I'd like to try sometime. 

8" x 10" Watercolor

Castle Green Hotel



  1. Wow, Sherry. You really made the whole scene come alive. This is definitely a great location for you for painting!

    1. Thanks's always an interesting day at this park.