Thursday, October 8, 2015

Quick Gouache

The Plein Aires paint-out group had their quarterly planning meeting at the Arboretum at the end of September.  It seems that after our meeting I only have an hour to find a location, get my materials ready, and do a painting before we meet back at the cafe.  I painted The Greenhouse after our last quarterly meeting.  It's usually a quick gouache piece and that's what I painted this time as well.  There is an area of demonstration gardens that's pretty close so I walked that way.  I had the pretty pergola in mind.  As I was walking around the area trying to quickly decide on a view to paint, I spotted one of the sculptures that's part of the current exhibit.  The Arboretum is featuring the work of 85 sculpture artists for their Nature of Sculpture event.  There are garden art tours as well as sales of the sculptures.  One piece I walked by looked like a big snake at first glance!  Fun to see the variety of pieces.  

7" x 5" Gouache

The Snake!

We usually have a peacock at our meetings.



  1. GORGEOUS greens, Sherry, and I love the depth of field that you've created. All in less than an hour?!