Friday, October 23, 2015

Library Neighborhood

I probably go out plein air painting with too many groups so I often paint at the same locations.  But, I think there are always new views to choose.  The groups have been at the South Pasadena Library a lot lately it seems.  I painted a gouache piece last time Our Library.  On my most recent visit I decided to try a view looking down the neighborhood street on the west side of the library.  As usual, the sun kept moving!  Sitting under some trees, the dappled shade kept changing.  I don't like to paint with sun on my paper or on my paints so I must have moved ten times.  There was some excitement at the library that Friday.  Workers were putting up pretty decorations for the Moon Festival the next day.  

8" x 10" Watercolor



  1. This is beautiful - dappled light can be tough to convey, but you've always done that so well!

  2. So pretty, Sherry! You caught a great Z-pattern on the path, and the light is amazing.

  3. Yes lovely light Sherry. You have lots of experience at en plein air and I take note of any tips. I don't really enjoy it so much here because of the heat or wind or blasted flies

    1. Thanks Lorraine! I've heard about the flies! Ants are what get to me.

  4. I enjoy the way you integrate figures into your work, nicely done Sherry. All those plein air excursions are paying off.