Friday, September 7, 2012

Painting in San Gabriel

The location for Thursday's plein air paintout was the San Gabriel Mission (Mission San Gabriel Arcangel, 1771).  The last time the group painted at the Mission was in March, my second outing with them.  That day most of us went inside the walled garden/courtyard to paint.  Since I had little experience with plein air painting I chose a view of the grape arbor to paint that I wouldn't chose now.  The day started off dreary but when the sun came out the area became a confusing mess of shadows.  I'll post my painting and the view I chose to try.  Thursday's painting is below.

On Thursday the artists stayed outside the Mission and looked around the area for subjects.  There are many nice views to paint there.  I was looking for something that appealed and where I could paint in some shade.  I chose the San Gabriel City Hall.  It's in an old 1923 Spanish style building.  Here is my painting and my photo of the view.

I'm also adding my photo of the Mission from the lawn/park where I painted facing another direction.  There are a few of my painting friends trying the Mission view.  I might try it next time.

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  1. Your complementary colors on the Mission are stunning, and the roofs give a great feeling of terracotta. Love it!