Monday, September 17, 2012

Brookside Park

The Thursday Plein Air group met at Brookside Park last week.  It's part of the Rose Bowl recreation area in Pasadena.  There is an Aquatic Center, golf course, baseball diamonds, soccer field, views of the mountains, just to mention part of this busy location.  There is also a long wisteria covered walk which I wanted to check out to possibly try painting.  Too late for wisteria so I kept walking.

The day was going to be very hot as our summer has been, so shade was a requirement.  I decided to paint the Kidspace Children's Museum from under a huge old tree.  It's in a lovely old building which seems to be repurposed vintage horse barns.  It's set among lots of trees and not even noticeable from the parking area but we were at the museum in June with our grandkids so the building was on my mind.

I'm posting my painting here, approx. 8"x10", and a photo of my view.  Brookside Park was so pretty in the light and shadow that morning, I'm adding a photo of my view looking in the opposite direction which would also be nice to paint.  And, one more of the mirrored Kaleidoscope Tunnel which you pass through as you enter Kidspace.  In this shot you can see my painting spot under the tree!      


  1. Nice feel to this. I like the colors and the people. I haven't walked through the mirrored tunnel. Must try.

    1. Thank you Barbara! You can walk through the tunnel, and back out, before you get to the ticket window. It really is a "must try" and was a great surprise to me.