Saturday, September 22, 2012

First Day of Fall

We have had such a hot summer here in Southern California and I know that's been the case all over the country.  It's been one long heat wave.  So far 2012 is the hottest on record in the US.  Here it is September 22, the first day of Fall, the autumnal eqinox.  I'm ready for some cooler weather which we will hopefully see.

I was thinking about some autumn inspired watercolors I painted last fall.  The first is some autumn leaves that have turned colors, painted for a group on the Paint My Photo website.  Most people painted the same photo and it was fun to see everyone's version.

I was feeling in a fall mood when I painted these three ACEOs.  I had a persimmon as a model for that piece.  The other two are just made up.  I really enjoyed adding the crows to the scarecrow piece.  ACEOs are always 2 1/2" x 3 1/2", but can be any media.  Sometimes they're called ATCs, Artist Trading Cards.

This last piece was for a monthly challenge in a Facebook group.  One member (Terry Freemark) posted some of her photos of Pennsylvania farms to use to paint from, or for inspiration.  I combined two photos for my watercolor.  A pumpkin farm!  I'm already inspired for this year.    

Hopefully these fall thoughts will bring some cool weather.


  1. I can tell that you are inspired dear Sherry and in absolutely fabulous mood!! Very well done, I love them all! But I adore the leaves. Isn't funny, that the same colours are used to describe something passionate and warm, like fire, etch.
    To be honest I'm not really ready to say goodbye to the summer, because for me summer started when I came to Greece; which was only 2 weeks ago :)
    Warm regards.

    1. Thank You Konstantina! I would love to see Greece someday!

  2. Your fall leaves are fabulous. I especially love your shadow treatment.

  3. Hi Sherry:) My first time on your blog and I love your work already. Beautiful watercolors and the fall leave are wonderful!

  4. All these fall sketches are very beautiful. The vibrancy is great!

  5. Hi, Sherry - your leaves are stunners! Love the depth and intensity you achieved. Very inspiring!