Saturday, October 31, 2020

Pre-Summer Post-Summer

 It's Halloween, October 31 today.  I haven't met with any fellow painters for our usual paint-outs since February.  So I've painted some watercolors and gouache pieces from my photos taken close to home.  We're still having warm days but it's feeling like fall.  Last December I took a photo of some colorful liquidambar trees just south of my house.  I used it for a recent "autumn feeling" gouache piece.  This painting reminded me of the beginning of summer when I took a photo of a home decorated for July 4th in the block north for a holiday watercolor.  These paintings were for the weekly prompts our wonderful and generous leader/organizer gives the Saturday group.  Inspiring, and they keep us painting and connected.

7"x5" Gouache

5"x7" Watercolor

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  1. The light moving with the colors has a warm sunny feel. Very nice.