Saturday, December 17, 2016

Villa del Sol d'Oro

It's been six months since I painted this watercolor at Alverno high school in Sierra Madre.  It was a special day for us to be able to paint there since it's a private school.  The main building, the Villa del Sol d'Oro, was designed by notable Pasadena area architect Wallace Neff.  Completed in 1928, the Villa is a two-thirds scale replica of a villa near Florence, Italy.  As part of the Alverno school today, the villa is the site of school activities as well as a location for television and movie productions.      

Attempting a plein air watercolor of this villa with its flavor of Tuscany was a challenge.  It's taken me awhile to decide whether or not to add a figure to the painting.  I'm still undecided and we've recently returned there for another paint-out.  So it's time to post my first piece painted at the Villa de Sol d'Oro.

8" x 10" Watercolor