Thursday, May 21, 2015

Altadena Ranch

A few weeks ago it was exciting to visit a new to me plein air location for the Saturday paint-out.  It was a very dreary and overcast morning.  Our destination was a horse ranch which looked terrific with many views for possible paintings.  There was a wonderful old red barn, many horse stalls and corrals.  A few colts looked out at us from nearby stalls.  It's away from major streets, near some hillside horse and hiking trails which was a very quiet and relaxing atmosphere for painting.  A young girl and her Arabian horse were having a lesson and I enjoyed eavesdropping while I painted.  I didn't add a horse to my watercolor and I had to leave out some fences.  Maybe I'll try a horse next time.    

10" x 8" Watercolor

Wild cucumber pod


  1. Wow, I thought this was gouache. Great colors, Sherry, and it definitely has that ranch feel to it, even without horses. What a nice area to paint.

  2. Yes great scene, understand about horses, tricky but you know you can do it. Love the dried cucumber pod

  3. You got the money shot on this one Sherry. Next time I'm taking up shop where you were. And you made this so bright despite the overcast day. Another point for the non-waterlogue set

    1. I liked your spot too Liz. I'll love to see this area with some sun and shade.