Saturday, December 6, 2014

Back at Ward Ranch

It was just recently I painted at the E. Waldo Ward Ranch in Sierra Madre and posted the watercolor in E. Waldo Ward Ranch.  A few weeks later I was at another paint-out there with another group.  The ranch and jelly factory property is a nice place to paint.  We had a big turn-out of painters since many like to shop in the small Waldo Ward store for holiday cooking and gifts.  A visit is always interesting and there are always fun areas to discover.  Rusty old farming and canning equipment seems to be everywhere, in a charming way.  I chose a view that had some sun on a yellow building with the red barn loft peeking over its roof.  While we painted we could smell strawberries.  They were making some strawberry jam!
8 x 10" Watercolor

Some of the artists at the paint-out

The yellow building in my painting is a garage for this!


  1. Love your post and also the smell of strawberries, which I can smell here!!! Happy Sunday

  2. So cool. I love the purple shadow in your watercolor.... so did you buy some jam?

    1. Thanks Liz, might not be quite as purple in person. Can't seem to get the proper look online. Wonderful jam...

  3. Nice work, Sherry! Put your finger over the figure and you'd really miss his presence - I always enjoy the addition and your beautiful purple shadows.

  4. I too can smell the strawberries - just from the reds in your painting LOL. You have caught the sunlight scene so very well

  5. I think this is one of my favorites of yours, Sherry. Simply beautiful!