Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Yellow Apartments

Our recent paint-out location at St. Luke's Hospital in Pasadena was interesting, as always!  The old hospital is closed now and is a popular location for movie and TV filming. When we met there some months ago I painted two pieces and didn't quite finish either one.  I thought I might bring them both to finish.  It's lucky I didn't.  Where I sat last time, at a medical building across from the hospital, workers were doing some major tree trimming.  I wouldn't have been able to work on the paintings at all.  As it turned out, we all painted from the hospital area, looking toward the mountains.  In the morning, some cloud shadows on the mountains made them a dramatic backdrop for the yellow apartment building which was in the light.  The medical building in front was in shadow and I liked the way the yellow looked so bright.  Still needing to finish those two paintings!  

8 x 10" Watercolor


  1. Wow, Sherry, you didn't have to make up all that purple, it was there in plain sight and you made the most of it, as you always do so well!

  2. Love the addition too of the dog and owner, bet it's hard trying to finish something older as new ones just take over

    1. Had to add a figure, and a vet. office is next door so there were dogs. Exactly right on finishing older pieces Lorraine!

  3. You really did capture the dramatic aspects in this one. Great choice of color!

  4. Dear Sherry - you captured very well a sense of light and shadow and I love the human interest you put there as well as the dog. Makes this a painting that certainly sparkles. Hope you have a wonderful week-end.