Sunday, September 14, 2014

Library Courtyard

On a warm day last month our Friday paint-out group met at the Pasadena Central Library.  I painted there a few weeks before with another group and posted that piece in Lilies of the Nile.  We all met in the beautiful library courtyard and since there was shade, we stayed in the area to paint.  I stayed with the group even though the main building's facade is very ornate.  I can get overwhelmed with such a complicated building but I try to remember what Joseph Zbukvic says, "Indicate, don't state".  Okay, the perfect time to practice this!  A library visitor came out of one of the doors and I was inspired!

8 x 10" Watercolor


  1. Love the way you have captured light. Great job.

  2. Love your dappled light, Sherry! Beautiful!!

    1. Thanks Joani, wasn't sure how to go about this one.

  3. Well I think you achieved the indicate don't state with brilliance on this one Sherry. Brilliant colours as always from you

  4. Your ability to capture the light always amazes me, Sherry. And of course, your colors always work well. Not an easy work - well done.