Tuesday, August 19, 2014


The leader and organizer of our Saturday paint-out group had a "house painting" project for us last weekend.  An old friend of hers asked her to paint, in watercolor of course, her home in San Marino.  We all thought it would be fun to meet there to try our hand at painting the house.  We always enjoy new subjects.  I didn't know what kind of house to expect to attempt.  San Marino has a very wide variety of home sizes and styles.  I've been on two past paint-outs where ornate Victorian houses were the subject and I was overwhelmed with the details.  So I was happy to see that it was a simple Mid-Century modern.  I thought gouache would work well for this piece.  I loved the tree shadows on the stucco which moved quickly with the sun.    

5 x 7" Gouache

Cool Mid-Century details


  1. Sherry - a lovely job on this home. Love your interpretation with all the shadows and colors you used. Have a great day.

  2. I love this, Sherry, you've worked your shadow magic and voila! Beautiful!!

  3. The house is not very attractive in real life, but you gave it character and color and beautified it! Are you that good with making old people look pretty?

  4. Well done, Sherry. (I like it better than the real thing! Shhhh)