Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Union Station Fountain

I've got quite a few paintings to post and am jumping out of order to add this gouache piece from Saturday.  We had fun painting in downtown Los Angeles at Union Station and I like the way this turned out.  The last time I painted there was over a year ago and posted that watercolor in Union Station Courtyard.  

Union Station opened in 1939 and has such an exciting vintage feel, like stepping back in time.  The north courtyard where I painted last time drew me in again.  It's cool, shady, and features a fabulous California tile fountain.  I decided to take on the fountain because a couple women sat there to have lunch and feed the small birds.  Of course they left by the time I wanted to add them to my painting.  I'm so happy for digital cameras!  Two tour groups came through while I was painting and I was listening for the name of the California pottery that did the tiles, but no info on that.  They did say the north courtyard was meant to be a place for travelers to relax.  Looking forward to next time as always!

5 x 7" Gouache

Tour Group!

The warmer south courtyard.



  1. I just love your painting at the top - one of my favourites of yours

  2. Wonderful Sherry, your eople are just right and I love the brightness you achieved for the tiles

  3. I really love both of your versions of this lovely place, Sherry, this year and last year. I love how you captured the light on the two women, and your colors, as always, are so vibrant. You are in the process of creating beautiful archives of LA and the surrounding neighborhoods.

    1. Thanks Terry! We do seem to be painting at some landmarks of LA.