Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Duck

A paint-out last month was at the Pasadena Museum of History.  I painted there a year ago with another group and posted that watercolor in Another Museum!  Most painters were taking on the main museum building, a 1906 Italian Villa which didn't appeal to me.  Maybe next time.  A pair of mallard ducks that were spending the morning at the beautiful birdbath caught my eye.  The day started out overcast again so I tried a small gouache.  Both ducks flew off but soon the male returned.  He kept leaving and returning, seeming to check if his friend was there.  She wasn't.  I decided to add him to my gouache piece even though ducks are usually in ponds, not small birdbaths.  I hope the two got together later that day!

5 x 7" Gouache



  1. love the brights added in your painting Sherry, this place looks like it has a lot offer in choice to paint

  2. This is a great painting, one of my favourites of yours. You are lucky to live where are there are so many places to paint

  3. Sherry, this is beautiful! I love the vertical contrasted with the horizontal lines and the eye catching pops of yellow!

    1. Thanks Joani! There are some trees around here with those yellow/orange flowers. Not sure what they are.

  4. Beautiful, Sherry. I like yours better than the photograph!

  5. What a pretty place to paint. I especially like the way the light is caught on the birdbath and surrounding area.. and the ducks? Too cute. ! BJ