Sunday, September 9, 2012

Chinese Themes

I noticed a Flickr member clicked to "favorite" a couple of  my watercolors.  They were both sort of Chinese themed paintings.  I must say these are a favorite of mine to paint.  There are many exotic and beautiful subjects of course.  I'll share three paintings here.

The first is of some bamboo in an old green glazed Chinese pottery ginger jar.  This was a still life I put together for the second lesson in an online watercolor class which Vinita Pappas taught in 2011.  I really enjoyed painting this piece.  The brush manipulation for the bamboo was fun to try.    

 This piece was painted for Vinita's 7 Days in May project for the class.  I chose a Chinese teacup and a Japanese teacup for my still life.  Another fun painting.  It's small, 6" x 8".

This last watercolor was painted for a monthly challenge in a Facebook group.  The challenge was to use neutral colors with some reds.  I chose a photo from the Paint My Photo website of an ancient "water village" near Shanghai, China.  I would love to see one of these villages in person.  


  1. Wow! How beautiful they all are but I love those cups

  2. A nice theme, I too love the cups Sherry

  3. I forgot how lovely these are, Sherry. So nice to see them again.

  4. Lovely and delicate paintings that show the subjects perfectly!

  5. I really appreciate your comments my friends. :-)