Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Lummis Light

In the fall, the Saturday paint-out group met at the famous Lummis House.  It was my third time painting there.  My first watercolor was three years ago, Lummis House.  I still like this piece but the painting I tried on my second visit wasn't going well and never finished.  It's lovely to be there to see this unusual home made from arroyo stones, and the surrounding sycamore trees offer beautiful dappled light.  These things are a challenge to paint, at least for me.  I started off with my usual 8"x 10" size but decided to crop and concentrate on the light to the east past the stone tower.  There are many views to try at the historic home so I'm looking forward to our next visit as always.

7" x 5" Watercolor



  1. What a beautiful location! I love how you painted this. For some reason, I missed your painting from three years ago - another beauty. You really capture the moment at this location, Sherry.

    1. Thanks so much Terry! It's a you know!

    2. Like how you handled all those stones - nice job!!