Saturday, January 23, 2016

Another Neighborhood

A few weeks ago we returned to the Angelino Heights neighborhood of Los Angeles.  Time flies since I wouldn't have thought it was over two years ago when I last painted there.  It was when I was more ambitious I guess since I painted a watercolor as well as a gouache and posted them in Angelino Heights.  I was trying to get more practice with using gouache so I scrambled to paint two plein air pieces in our few hours at the location.  I would paint these pieces differently now, so it's fun to look back a little.   

Angelino Heights is such an interesting, old neighborhood.  It's very hilly with many terrific Victorian homes, and great views of downtown Los Angeles.  We met at the area's central triangular island where several streets come together.  It's a good place to sit and paint, but there is no shade.  I decided to be under a tree and try a view which included the island and some of the neighborhood.  It's always a busy place.    

8" x 10" Watercolor

Bob's Market, neighborhood landmark since 1910.

The island from across the street, next to Bob's.


  1. Another painting that tells the story that is LA. I always feel like I'm getting a great tour of the city when I view your artwork, Sherry. Only better - your paintings are always so much more than the photos they convey.

  2. Nice one Sherry. I don't remember seeing it before. It's a nice new take on the location.

    1. Thanks! Guess I forgot to show it. Another fun day with the group!