Saturday, July 11, 2015

The Greenhouse

The paint-out group I'm in on Fridays recently had their quarterly planning meeting for the next three month's locations.  We meet at the cafe at the local Arboretum.  The peacocks were especially loud that Friday and there were several birds hanging around the cafe.  This meeting and discussion usually takes awhile so painting time is short.  After our previous Arboretum meeting I painted the murky pond Arboretum Pond.  

There's an old, not-used greenhouse that's near the Peacock Cafe.  I've been wanting to paint it for years.  Either the other artists were going to another area which sounded promising or there wasn't shade to sit in so I hadn't tried a painting.  I decided to do a gouache piece at the greenhouse since the glass of the greenhouse looked good that day and the surrounding aloes were also pretty.  I would like to try a watercolor of the greenhouse on a future visit.

5" x 7" Gouache



  1. Would never think of painting a greenhouse. Looks great

  2. Wow, Sherry. You got those greenhouse reflections just right. Really well done.

  3. Really well done, Sherry - especially love the enhancement of the roof!

  4. Did you get to walk around and see the sculpture exhibit? I've got to get over there soon before it closes

    1. The sculpture is sort of scattered everywhere near the entrance...can't miss it. Neat to see in that setting.