Monday, April 27, 2015

Arboretum Pond

We were at the Arboretum recently for our plein air location planning session.  This always takes awhile which leaves only an hour or so for painting.  The last time I painted there, I did a watercolor, Peacock Cafe.  

 We all headed for an area to hopefully see some bright orange California poppies blooming.  The poppies turned out to be a little past their prime.  But, there was some shade and a view of part of the lake.  The west end of Baldwin Lake was very brown and muddy looking with some interesting reflections.  I loved the palm trees and tried a gouache piece in our short amount of time.  A friendly mallard duck came by to check us out and I thought of adding him to my piece.  Maybe!

7 x 5" Gouache