Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Fork~

It's an actual 18 foot tall silver (wooden) Fork in the Road in Pasadena, CA.  It appeared on a median intersection in 2009 as a surprise 75th birthday gift for a friend from its maker Ken Marshall.  Although put up without permits, its popularity allowed it to stay for a few months before it had to be removed.  After getting proper permits the fork made a comeback and has become a local landmark.  Now it's involved with good deeds like food and toy drives.  It is also a fun subject for the Saturday plein air group!  Of course!  Here is my watercolor, 9" x 12" including a narrow border, a photo of my view of the fork, and our painting location on the sidewalk across the street from the Fork.  I've never painted right next to the street traffic before.  Some people yelled encouragement (I think) and one fellow artist parked and came over to talk with us.  An exciting morning.


  1. What a great fork and great painting too! Love the vantage point and way you painted it...

    1. Thank you Sunny! It was a fun morning of painting and great to have a couple friends along.